Pray for the Persecuted Church:

This is a copy of the presentation from Gospel Light’s 2014 day of prayer for the persecuted church: Click Here to Download

Additional Resources on the Persecuted Church: Voice of the Martyrs


Read and Listen to the Bible Online: English Standard Version

Study The Bible Online: HCSB Study Bible

Other Ministries:

The Teaching Ministry of R.C. Sproul: Ligonier Mininstry

The Teaching Ministry of John Piper: Desiring God

The Teaching Ministry of John MacArthur: Grace To You

The Teaching Ministry of David Platt: Radical

Studying Material:

Resources on Defending the Faith: Christian Apologetics Research Ministry

Resources on Creation vs. Evolution: Creation Ministries International

Resources on the Church: 9 Marks

Church History Resources:

This is a copy of the power point presentation on the Crusades : Click Here to Download

Here is a link to the video on the Crusades we watched: Click Here to Watch